Ferrari F430 Spider 2009 2 Door Convertible

Ferrari F430 Spider 2009 2 Door Convertible

Ferrari F430 is one of the most beautiful and attractive looking coupe in Ferrari’s extensive car collection that is now available in UAE after being liked by so many car lovers all around the world.

Body Style, Weight and Dimension:

This car has been designed on a Coupe body style along with an overall empty mass weight of 1450 kg in it. This car is about 4512 mm long and 1923 mm wide with an overall height of about 1214 mm in it. There is a wheelbase of about 2600 mm in this vehicle with a normal ground clearance.

Engine, Speed and Transmission:

The main objective to build this car was to give an ultimate speed with excellent driving experience so they installed a quite powerful engine to attain the objective under its curvy and stylish bonnet that has an engine capacity of around 4.3L with V8 RWD cylinders in it.

The engine produces around 490 bhp horsepower @ 8500 rpm and it has a torque rate of about 465 Nm @ 5250 rpm in it. This engine accelerates the whole car from 0 to 100 km/h speed in just 4.0-4.1 seconds and it sounds very nice when you ignite it or driving it on the road. There is a top speed of around 315 km/h in this coupe that really fascinates the driver along with a 6 Speed Manual gearbox transmission in it that let you take complete control over it when driving it on the road.

Chassis, Wheels and Interior View:

This coupe has been designed on a Rear Wheel Drive layout chassis that enables you to drive the car easily and comfortably with all the safety measures on any kind of road. There is a Dubb.dr front and rear suspension in this vehicle along with a coil springs rear and front suspension in it. You will find an Alloy Wheel in front and back end of this beautiful car along with a 225/35R19 tire in each of the sides of this car.

This car has 2 doors to get into it and it offers you up to 2 seats passenger capacity so that you can take your love one with you on a long drive in this beautiful coupe. This coupe gives you around 22-340L luggage capacity so that you can carry your important luggage with you when you are going on a long distance drive with all the necessary things that you may need on the way.

Fuel Consumption and Price:

This beautiful and attractive looking coupe gives you around 26.9L/100 km urban fuel consumption and about 18.3L/100 km average fuel consumption to you and it needs petrol to run on the road. There is a multipoint fuel injection system in this vehicle along with a 95L big fuel tank so that you can fill up your fuel tank and travel anywhere in your car without running out of fuel too early.

If you are planning to purchase this beautiful and attractive looking coupe then you just need to pay around AED 800,000/- if you are living in UAE. But it is always a good idea to estimate the complete price of your order before you make a decision and take it back to your home from the showroom and show off in your social circle.

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